More Than 10 Natural Antibiotics For Infection And They Are Hidden By Pharmaceutical Industries


Nature is the greatest source for numerous medicines for different ailments and issues. They are completely natural and safe, and don’t provoke side effects. The great philosopher Hippocrates in one of his quotes said that ‘food can be a medicine and medicine a food’. So, the question is: why do we use medicines when we have nature? Take a look at the top 10 foods which are natural antibiotics that soothe inflammation:


A couple of garlic cloves on a daily basis will fight against viruses, bacteria, and infections. Numerous studies proved that garlic even relieves AIDS signs, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It relieves flu and cold signs, and toothache. For optimal results, always use raw garlic, not cooked.


It’s very similar to garlic. Onions deal with inflammation, pain, flu and colds.


The extract of grapefruit seed is widely used for microbe destruction. It is also good for bacteria and fungi elimination, and bathroom cleansing, as well. Dilute it before using it.


It provides you with energy needed for the whole day and fights against illnesses. This plant improves the blood flow and boost the digestive system. You can treat numerous health problems with it, including kidney stones and bronchitis. For better effect, you can add ACV when using it.


It can be found in plenty of fruits such as oranges, lemons, and pineapple. It strengthen the immunity, fights against cold and flu, and repairs the skin.


Being made in New Zealand, this type of honey contains peroxide and acts like a medicine. In addition, it contains another antibiotics, called methylglyoxal. The bad thing is that is extremely expensive. You can find it in the markets – 1 bottle of it costs $50.


Cinnamon reduces sugar levels in the blood and prevents diabetes. It’s amazing treatment for yeast. You can use it in numerous ways. The best one is to simmer cinnamon from Sri Lanka in some water, put it in a mug, and place it in the fridge. After a couple of days, sip it.


It is rich in malic acid that helps in killing germs and removal of sore throat.


Besides in cuisine, it is also used for fighting against cold and flu. Its root can treat upset belly and nausea. Moreover, it soothes muscle aches and joint pain. Don’t eat ginger if you are pregnant or want to conceive.


It’s an amazing antiseptic which is ideal for the skin. You can find it in the form of teas for treatment of coughs.


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