12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn’t Know!


Burping, farting, and hiccups are body functions which often make people embarrassed or annoyed. The farting being the ‘crown jewel’ among all of them. we know so little about this body function except that it sounds and smells funny and comes out of the bum.

Facts you did not know about farts:

  • Men fart more than women;
  • The original meaning of the fart was the “wind that comes from the anus”;
  • It was coined in 1962;
  • An average person farts approximately 14 times per day, which is enough to fill a balloon;
  • Fart is not something to be embarrassed of, it means that the person has a healthy digestive tract. If the person is not farting at all, he/she should visit a doctor;
  • The farts are made up of hydrogen sulfide that reduce mitochondrial damage. The smell of the farts can be healthy, therefore, next time you fart, inhale deeply;
  • The farts go fast as 10 feet per sec;
  • If you have tight sphincter, you will produce louder farts;
  • Gum and soda make you to fart even more;
  • The most of the farting happens during sleeping;
  • The next most farting animals are: elephants, dogs (labs and retrievers), cows, zebras, sheep, and camel.

Source: www.naturalhealthyteam.com

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