There is no complexer and more amazing structure than the human body. Since it is a type of structure it will show signs in case something is not working properly and it is out of order. So any time something is wrong with your body, it will show you the symptoms immediately. So following these advices it will help you to get to know your body, because it always is saying something, even if it is saying it very quietly or very loudly. Here is a list of 12 signs that will help you understand the language of your body when it is trying to tell you that something is wrong.

  1. Cold Feet – Sometimes people experience cold feet because of the weather changes or wearing inappropriate clothing during winter. But there are people who constantly have cold feet regardless of what is the temperature surrounding them. This is usually due to issues cause by the thyroid. Unfortunately there is no way to check and solve that problem by yourself, so make sure to make an appointment with your medical doctor.
  1. Sunken-in Toenails – If this problem occurs because of wearing wrong size shoes it will be the best thing to check your size with a professional. But if your toe nails are sunken-in for no reason, there is a slight chance you are being anemic. So visit your doctor and have your iron levels checked and your blood tested.
  1. Numbness – This discomfort occurs in usually in the legs. It is a serious sign for diabetes, especially if it happens in both of your legs. If it happens in one of your legs, diabetes is less possible but pinched nerve might be the case. Make sure a doctors appointment is the next thing you are doing.
  1. Digital Clubbing – It might sound unknown to you, but digital clubbing is when your fingers and/or toes are changing the shape of bending upwards. If you notice this change at the beginning check it with you doctor because most often it is a serious sign of lung disease. Sooner the better is what we say about checking it professionally.
  1. Yellow Toenails – These occurrences are very often when people share footwear, or wear the same footwear for a long period of time. As it is uncomfortable to show it in open shoe or when bare foot, it is also a sign that you have nail/toe fungus. There are many creams, lotions and medications that will help you with this issue, but first check it with a doctor or a pharmacist.
  1. Heel Pain – This is often experienced as a sharp pain, and it often happens when you are standing and/or walking. If not treated medically it may lead to worse pain in the heels and eventual serious problems.
  1. Flakey Feet – Dry feet is not a serious occurrence and it happens to many people, either from wearing closed shoes for long period of time or eventual lack of hygiene. But if what you have is flakey feet for sure is much more serious situation. Especially if it happens between the toes. This is athlete’s foot and it is infection of the skin or fungal skin infection. Pain, skin burning and itching are the thing you experience as a result of this infection. Treatment is necessary to prevent further disperse and seriousness.
  1. Pitted Toenails – This can happen in your fingernails and in your toenails as well. Most often is a result of psoriatic arthritis. Pocketed, pitted toenails are symptoms that are experienced by 3 out of four people having this disease.
  1. Long-term Sores – In case you have small sores on your feet and it takes eternity to heal or if they wont heal at all, the possibility to have very high level of glucose in your body. Sometimes it can signify the possibility of Diabetes. Check with your doctor to be on the safe side.
  1. Hairless Feet – If you are missing some hair around your ankles it is possibly because of wearing socks with very strong elastic hems. But if your feet are loosing hair or hair is not growing at all, probably the blood circulation is not at its best. The blood flow must be constant at all times in normal circumstances. Try doing some exercises to increase the blood circulation, or check with your doctor for alternative solution.
  1. Sore Foot Joints – Feeling sore foot joints from a physical activity is a normal occurrence. But if that is happening constantly and with no particular reason, the possibility for it to be Rheumatoid Arthritis is very high. It might not sound like a very serious health issue, but if not treated properly in later days may lead to deformity.
  1. Toes That Turn Colors – Colors that your toes might change during this issue are blue, red and white. If it is not any physical injury, it might be Reynard’s disease. The seriousness of this disease is very low, but it might be foreshadowing for an autoimmune disease. So visit a doctor and check it as soon as possible.

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