18 Chronic Pains In The Body That Might Be Tied To Your Emotions!


The majority of people, when feeling any kind of physical pain, don’t pay much attention to the emotional factor, although it is as important factor as nutrition, genetics, and climate. Emotions are tightly related to physical pain, and that’s the reason why we dedicate today’s article to 18 chronic pains which can be caused by your emotions.

1. Pain in the gums

Lack of engagement and insecurity might cause pain in the gums. Therefore, analyze all of your decisions that you haven’t taken because of the fact that you were afraid.

2. Pain in the shoulders

If you feel this kind of pain, you have an enormous emotional load. In order to prevent it, try to be rational even for a moment.

3. Stomachache

Stomachache is connected with certain life situations that are difficult to accept.

4. Pain in the back

This pain occurs if you feel alone in your life. To solve this issue, go on a date.

5. Pain in the tailbone and sacrum

This pain occurs when a person experiences stressful and anxious situations.

6. Pain in the elbows

This pain is associated with giving resistance towards changes. Be more flexible.

7. Headache

If you have headache, concentrate on the things that bother you and relax. Then, make all the necessary decisions.

8. Muscular pain

This pain is associated with the abilities we have to put some influence over some daily life.

9. Pain in the neck

This pain is connected with giving excuses. So, rethink twice and then see whether or not you need to say ‘Sorry’.

10. Pain in the’ arms

Pain in the arms occur as a result of a serious burden in your life. You need to find a solution for this problem as soon as you can.

11. Pain in the hands

You have this pain when you wish something immensely, but you can’t achieve it it.

12. Pain in the hips

When you adapt to changes in a difficult way, you feel this pain.

13. Pain during movement

Being afraid of new adventures and lack of experiences lead to this type of pain.

14. Pain that causes fatigue

If you feel tired, bored, or stagnant most of the time, you can experience this type of pain. In order to solve it, sleep more.

15. Pain in the feet

Depression is the major reason for feeling feet pain, because the feet are very sensitive and are able to detect negative emotions.

16. Pain in the knees

This pain occurs when we demand more from ourselves. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, we are all humans and accept the fact that some things are not perfect.

17. Pain in the teeth

Toothache occur when we don’t feel comfortable in some situations.

18. Pain in the ankles

This pain occurs when a person doesn’t feel enough pleasure in their own life. To prevent this pain, relate to someone sentimentally.

Source: www.fhfn.org

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