Li Ching Yuen, was the first and last man who ever lived in this world for 256 years. There is a lot of proofs for that: in a New York Times article from 1930, Li Ching was congratulated by the professor in the Chengdu University, Mr. Wu Chung-chieh for celebrating his 150th birthday. In addition, in a few records dating from 1877 this professor congratulated Li Ching on his 200th birthday.

At the age of 10, Li Ching Yuen started his career as an herbalist and began with gathering herbs from the mountains, thus learning about their potential for having long life. For more than 40 years, he based his nutrition on herbs including goji berry, lingzhi, wild ginseng, rice wine, he shoo wu, and gotu kola. In 1749, when Li Ching turned 71, he joined Chinese armies as a martial arts teacher.

Li Ching was married 23 times and have more than 200 children. He had visited Kansu, Tibet, Shansi, Annam, Manchuria, and Siam when he was 10 years old so can gather herbs. For the first 100 years, this was his primary occupation. Then, he started to sell the herbs gathered by other people.

According to his sayings, he wasn’t the one and only man who ever outlived the age of 200. There lived a 500 – year-old man who advised him concerning nutrition so Li can expand his lifespan. When asked what the secret for longevity is, Li answered that having a quiet heart, walking like a pigeon, sitting like a tortoise, and sleeping as a dog is the key for longevity.  He added that having a peaceful and calm mind, alongside with right breathing techniques can work the trick for longevity. Li attributed his longevity to his perfect state of mind, although his nutrition played an essential role as well.

Despite this story, the majority of people are sceptic for it since the average human lifespan is 70-80 people. Therefore, someone living more than 200 years is hard to absorb. But, there are people throughout the world who haven’t experienced stress at all. Additionally, they don’t inhale polluted air, and exercise on a regular basis. They don’t consume sugar or flour, only organic food that is not GMO. They don’t consume fatty meat, junk food, antibiotics, tobacco, or alcohol. These people meditate and enjoys spending time under sun, and practice breathing techniques that improve their emotional, physical, and mental health.

Therefore, try to imagine for a little bit how you spend your life under the sun, in the mountains, surrounded by nature, as if you are on vacation. So, if people do everything in a natural way or as it should be, then, it would become a common thing for people to celebrate their 100th birthday.  If we treat the body in the right way, who knows for how long we will be able to live?

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