5 Alarm Signal That The Body Sends To You: Do Not Ignore Them, They Can Save Your Life!


          It is very important to find out cause of changes in the structure of the nail or the skin . The human body is both outside , and inside, an amazing “drive”, which runs a number of factors such as the daily diet, daily routine and lifestyle.

          But also, the body sends us on a daily basis and specific messages through which you can find out the condition. 5 of these very important messages your body you can read at home, and can save your life!

  1. Urine – The first morning going to the toilet not only reveals signs of inflammation and pregnancy, but much more. Namely, in the urine of more than 70 percent of the markers by which you can find out the condition of your body. The color and smell of urine is an important indicator of health, so pay attention to all the changes!
  1. Teeth – In addition to control the health of teeth and gums, regular trip to the dentist can find out everything and about the state of your body. The changes in the oral cavity may be the first indicators of heart disease, lung, digestive tract or other parts of your body. Do not neglect  changes on the teeth and gums, but seek medical attention immediately.
  1. Weight – Growing or weight loss is a phenomenon that is happening all over the year, and most depend on diet, lifestyle and stress. However, rapidly and significantly growing should not be ignored. If you are in a short time to get large amount of weight, it can point to hormonal imbalances and problems with the thyroid gland, as well as water retention, pregnancy and problems with the heart and kidneys. The same applies to sudden weight loss.
  1. Skin – The skin is the largest organ that is constantly exposed to the elements. This is why it is important to monitor changes that occur on the surface of the skin. After showering and before the application of funds for care, look at the piece by piece of skin, and hard to reach places on your back use two mirrors. If you notice some significant changes such as color changes, new growths, spots or striking or dark moles, you may want to consult a doctor. Examination by a dermatologist is a very simple and painless, but it can prevent many diseases, including melanoma.
  1. Nails – Nails can be very elegant decoration of your hands, but their function has a more important meaning. Small and large changes on the hands and toes may indicate a variety of diseases. If you notice that your nails shape, texture or color change, see a doctor to determine the cause.

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