6 Most Common Arthritis Causes

 6 Most Common Arthritis Causes

Ask any doctor why you are suffering from arthritis and you will probably hear some rambling response involving some vague phrases like “inflammation”, “genetics” and “multiple causes”.

There is some truth that numerous things contribute to occurrence of arthritis. However, many of these culprits are flying under the doctors’ radar screens (and also many of their patients).

That is why we are now going to shed light on the 6 of the most common causes of arthritis:

Smoking: It is no secret that smoking will slowly but surely rip both your lungs to tiny shreds. According to a research which wad published in Arthritis & Rheumatism, those people who smoke are having double risk of developing arthritis compared to those that “say no to cigarettes.”

How does the habit of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day make your joints ache? Not long ago scientists have found out that smoking will dramatically escalate your organism’s inflammation levels, which is the underlying cause of all types of arthritis.

Eating Red Meat: You should always choose chicken over steak for maintaining your heart’s health. But have you ever wondered “could occasionaly having bacon bout for breakfast lead to development of arthritis?

Dorothy Pattison of National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society has discovered that those people who regularly consume red meat have doubled their risk of developing and dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. The saturated fats, which are consisted in the red meat, seems to stimulate the process of inflammation which furthermore is leading to arthritis occurrence.

Not Enough Vitamin C: Those people who do not enter enough vitamin C in their organism, which they can get through consuming vegetables and fruits rich in this vitamin, are playing Russian roulette with this articles’ main disease – arthritis. The researchers from the Duke University have found out that people who did not get enough vitamin C in their organism have had higher rates of osteoarthritis, which is the most common type of arthritis.

Watching TV: Those people who watch TV are more likely to suffer from excess body weight, which can often lead to arthritis occurrence. Flipping channels will actually burn fewer calories than sleeping. Also, joints that are inactive are much more susceptible to arthritis “flare ups”.

In order to prevent arthritis (as well as obesity) limit the time you spend watching TV to a maximum an hour or less throughout the entire day.

Being Alone: Do not avoid dropping by your neighbors’ house, pick up your phone, or simply shoot off an email: People who are being socially connected are significantly less prone to the risk of struggling with severe arthritis and other diseases and health conditions.

Researchers working at the University of Oxford have found out that people who were socially isolated often tended to deal with more severe rheumatoid arthritis, compared to those who had a pretty strong social life and network.

Allergies: Whether you are allergic to pollen or peanuts, both these allergies can make you cry out because of pain in your joints. Allergies make your organism’s immune system go haywire. This makes an inflammation go out of control.

This is why those people who struggle with allergies are much prone and will more likely have joints painful because of arthritis, compared to those who do not have any kind of health problems related to allergies.

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Knowing the arthritis causes is one thing, but doing something about making your health condition better is something else altogether.

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