60-Second Test: You Only Need A Teaspoon So You Can Find Out If Your Internal Organs Are Ill


       All you have to do in order to learn if your organs are in good health condition is take a sample from the surface of your tongue.

       All you need if you want this test to work is a plastic bag and a teaspoon. This way you can check if everything is in order with the respiratory system, intestines, hormones, metabolism, kidneys and/or teeth. All you have to do is scoop a little extract from the surface of the tongue. Moreover make sure to scoop the extract from as close to the throat as possible.

      Then wrap the teaspoon with a plastic bag and let it stand still for 60 seconds under bright light. The strong light from the bulb helps the development of bacteria, meaning the brighter the light is the better the result will be.


       In a healthy person the deposits will be clean. If there is a strange color and odor, it can be a sign of a problem with the lungs and/or respiratory tract, kidneys, intestines or hormones. If you get such a result it is advisable to visit a doctor in order to see what the actual problem is.

      Also this test can reveal whether you have bad breath, a problem that many people are not aware of. Just smell the saliva. If there is a smell reminiscent of ammonia, you may have a problem with the kidneys. If the smell reminds you of some fruit, then it may be metabolism disorder or ketoacidosis.

      No matter what you come across, you should not panic. An unpleasant odor not necessarily indicates to a disease of the internal organs. It could be a problem with your teeth, cavities or rotten teeth.

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