8 More Fantastic Reasons To Drink Red Beet Juice


          Maybe the taste you don’t like, but these 8 benefits to your health will make you change your mind and begin to regularly drink this juice.

  1. Red beet contain carotenoids that positively affect vision;
  2. Red beets prevents cell damage and eliminates free radicals from the body thanks to the pigment betalaine;
  3. Red beets increases the level of iron in the body. Besides iron, this vegetable contains antioxidants that maintain normal hemoglobin;
  4. Red beet juice increases energy and is recommended for people who do sports;
  5. Only one cup of beetroot juice a day can regulate the high blood pressure;
  6. Beets contain magnesium , so this drink is recommended for persons exposed to stress;
  7. If you have troublewith digesting, drink beet juice every day. It helps in digestion and cleanses the intestines;
  8. Beet juice strengthens the immune system, so the body easier to fight with infections.

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