9 Things You Did Not Know About Ears


         When you hear well and do not have any pain, hard and lice that notice. However, in order to prevent serious problems and permanent damage to your hearing, you need to know some basic things about the ears.

  1. Clean the wax out of your ears is easier than you think – Although people usually clean the ears using cottonswabs, it is not advisable to put anything in the ear lobe. Swabs can be used for exterior parts, but you have to be very careful with the inner ear, so as not to push the wax deeper and damaging the eardrum. Wax is a product of the content of the ear canal and in normal amounts do not cause problems. This unpleasant dirt is best cleaned when is taking a  shower. Leave a warm water gets into the ear, and then eject thewater by bending head in that direction. Water can not be cool, to avoid colds.
  2. The purpose of ear wax is unknown – The doctors can not say with certainty why he exists, or is deemed to be part of the process of cleaning the ear. Some people have more, some less wax. “He was poisoned for small bugs, so you should not have a fear that you will get something in your ear if you ‘re lying on the ground or grass,” explains Dr. Sherry Billing. “The wax also prevents dirt to penetrate into the interior of the ear”.
  3. Bones of ear are smallest bones in the body – Three bones that make up the middle ear are the smallest bones that man has. However, they are very important and their damage can cause very serious problems. In case of breakage, it comes to hearing damage, but they can take care of with the help of surgery.
  4. Cleaning with candles is ineffective and can be dangerous – This is the practice of alternative medicine. By burning candles that are placed on the entrance of the ear produce vacuum  by which allegedly extracted dirt and infections of the ears. However , doctors believe that this method has no effect, and that doing so can cause burns and secondary infection of the ear canal which leads to a temporary loss of hearing.
  5. Flight with clogged ears can be dangerous – Eustachian tube liberate the pressure, but swallowing or chewing gum usually helps. However, when the tube  is full of liquids, what happens when you have a cold, it will not be able to regulate the pressure in the ears. In this way,  tympanic membrane is possible to be demaged. Doctors recommend medical contact  in  pre air travel  if you have any of these problems.
  6. Ear contribute to the sense of taste – Not that you can really taste the food by using the ears, but they play an important role in the transmission of signals to the brain. There are numerous nerves, known as the chorda tympani, which stretch along the middle ear, between the tongue and the brain. That’s why sometimes when we have problems with the ears do not feel the real taste of food.
  7. The eardrum is a thickness of only 3 layers of cells – This is one reason why it is not recommended push any objects into the ears. The biggest problem is that once damaged, very difficult to be treated.
  8. Ear pain may point to another problem in the body – Although pain in the ears usually indicates infection, sinusitis, or ear wax blockage, it can also point to something that has nothing to do with ears. In fact, this pain is related to everything from head to abdomen.
  9. Hairspray negatively affects earwax – Frequent use hairspray certain particles can enter the firming up of wax, which thus can create plugs. Hearing experts advise putting cotton wool in the ears before applying the paint . Nerve, which extends from the brain via the ears, the nose and throat to the abdomen is the main culprit for such transmission of spray.

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