According To Psychologists, Regular Sex Is Good For The Overall Health


       Psychologists say that sex is especially good for our general health. But the question is how much sex is enough for maintaining good health.

      Making love once a week stimulates the secretion of the hormone of love, oxytocin, which contributes to a more peaceful and better quality sleep, which means less body weight because sleep regulates the secretion of hormones ghrelin and leptin that are responsible for feelings of hunger.

      Those who practice sex at least twice a week have 30 percent higher levels of immunoglobulin, and that will help the body to have a stronger and better immunity.

      People who practice sex at least three times a week are significantly less at risk of heart attack than those who rarely or never practice it. This is due to the fact that sex increases the number of heartbeats, and accelerates and blood circulation.

       People who have sex at least four times a week have greater amounts of collagen, which is responsible for preventing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

       Having regular sex at least five times a week raises the general level of energy and mood. It will also make you think more optimistically.

       Those who have sex six times a week, have better blood circulation which contributes to better brain functioning. At the moment orgasms, we experience the culmination of hormones that have an enormous impact on our intelligence.

       Having sex every day of the week will reduce the level of stress and anxiety, which is common nowadays. This is due to the increased secretion of the hormone endorphins i.e. hormones of happiness in the act of love making.

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