Acupuncture As A Method Against Depression


       Clinical type of depression refers to long periods of intense emotional, physical and cognitive condition that significantly affects our daily activities. There are several reasons for the emergence of depressive condition. Hereditary factors, physiological-biochemical causes which lead to a chemical imbalance, the structure of the personality of the individual, a person’s ways of thinking are more characteristic among others. Main symptoms that can indicate the disorder are lack of interest in activities that usually bring pleasure, negative thoughts, anxiety and feelings of fatigue, hopelessness and so on.

       Usually, depending on the type and degree of seriousness, depression is treated with antidepressant medication or psychotherapeutic methods, and in most cases a combination of both. Societies in the Far East are known for their alternative non-pharmacological methods of dealing with the problems that plague the body and the psyche of man. Among them, one of the most famous is acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese traditional medicine that works based on the principle of stimulation of certain points in the body, located in  canals, called meridians, through which is believed floats the life force energy (Chi), thus correcting any imbalance. In terms of depression, it is considered that it is a problem of circulation of the energy of life force in the body. Liver is the main organ responsible for the circulation of this energy, but the heart and pancreas play an important role of support. The most famous acupuncture treatment to increase the flow of Chi energy is called Four Gates. This treatment is consisted of stimulating the source points of both arms between the thumb and forefinger and both legs between the big toe and the toe next to it.

      The University of York, a group of researchers led by Dr. Hugh McPherson, studied 755 patients with clinical depression, divided in three groups in the ratio 2: 2: 1. The first group was going to get acupuncture treatment, the second group psychotherapy, and the third group was going to be accompanied only by the usual treatment medications. After three months, the percentage of those whose condition substantially corrected, achieving 50% improvement in their score for depression was the acupuncture group versus the second group (33%), and those in group of psychotherapy got 29% of improvement.

       However, both acupuncture and psychotherapy have been shown to better improve methods for dealing with depression than conventional methods associated with drugs. So, if you are depressed you can chose between acupuncture and psychotherapy, the choice is yours.

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