Acute Inflammation Of The Kidneys


        This  kidney disease usually occurs in childhood and in young adults. Older people do not get sick very often. Acute inflammation of the kidneys almost always preceded by inflammation of the throat or tonsillitis, or angina. Turn on the kidneys may be preceded by scarlet fever and diphtheria.

      Acute inflammation of the kidney are recognized by swollen eyelids and ankles . The urine is cloudy and dark , and sometimes extremely bloody.  Patient feels insidious  pain in the kidney area , expanding to the bladder. In addition patient feel tired , and losing appetite. Later, severe headache occurs . In the case of severe forms of the disease leads to swelling of the entire body. In addition to appearing nausea and visual disturbances, it is hard to breathe and vomiting.

        Kidney inflammation often accompanied by high blood pressure and urine are excreted in reduced quantities.The composition of tea for a lighter form of the disease: 40 g of corn silk, 40 g of horsetail stems, 40 g stalks shepherd ‘s purse, 40 g mint leaves gentle, 40 g of leaves and flowers of St. John’s wort, 40 g stalks thyme, 40 g crashed spruce black berries, 20 g celery leaves, 20 g of ribwort plantain leaves .

       Preparation and application of tea: Grass really chop and blend , and in one liter of boiling water put 10 g mixture and cook covered for a minute and a half. When the tea has cooled , drain in a dark bottle, sealed and kept at a dark place. It is drunk 3 times a day for 1 dl before meals and between meals, every 2 hours for half deciliter. After drinks that are taken before a meal, eat 1 tablespoon of refined olive oil and after other beverages  take a tablespoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Olive oil can be administered mixed with food. Patients who also suffer from diabetes, honey replace with orange juice.

      Food prepared solely on vegetable oil and with very little salt or not to much  salty, overcooked  and more green.

      The patient should live in an airy room with a steady temperature. Morning and evening, with warm mixture of olive oil and grape brandy  apply on the  back, loin, kidney area and under the belly. After that, dress warmly and lie down in a warm room. It is recommended to walk in the fresh air.

      During treatment, the disease is forbidden to eat meat and meat products, salty foods, drinking alcohol and eating large quantities of sweets. It is also forbidden to drink black coffee, enjoying a cigarette and doing physical work.

      The composition of tea for a severe form of the disease: 40 g nettle, 40 g crashed spruce black berries, 40 g of corn silk, 40 g of horsetail stems, 30 g stalks thyme, 30 g stalks wild thyme, 30 g stems of wild mint, 30 g Marshmallow root, 30 g parsley leaves, 20 g stalks smooth rupturewort.

      Preparation and application of tea: Preparing tea, method of use, and all other instructions are the same as for the easier form of acute inflammation of the kidneys, with which in this case takes a light tea from a mixture of equal amounts of thyme and hawthorn flowers. Do not take too much liquid.

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