After This, You Will Rub Your Ears Until You Go To Sleep


    You can deprive  your stress in many ways, but not many of us knew how effective acupressure can do this. Famous Russian doctor Mark Sandomirski advised the people to the Russian national television that just this trick, which involves massaging the correct points on the ear, help yourself to relax and expel stress.

    Massage of ear

    Massage the ear can be done with your fingers or a stick, Foto: Lack of sleep , headaches , irritability and spraying kilograms are just some of the symptoms of excessive stress that we all face every day, from early school days. So tonight, listen to the doctor and try a trick that has already been known for centuries.

    The Chinese have this point in the ear called the  “Gate of Heaven”, but is now known as Shenmen point. Located in the center of the upper third of the ear, and does not require much effort to approach her. All you need is a cotton swab, a little time before sleep and the desire to relax and solve the accumulated stress.

    Massage of ear

    Shenmen point, Photo:

    Here’s what to do:

  • Take a cotton swab and place it on the “Gate of Heaven” or Shenmen point. Lightly massage and breathe deeply.
  • I listened to my body and concentrate on your breathing.
  •  When inhaling, turn your head to the left, and when exhaling turn to the right.
  • Soon you will feel that you are the whole body relaxes and soothes.

    This point reduces inflammation, stop pain in the body and massage is highly beneficial, and only takes a few minutes. You can massage it with your finger, and it is recommended that you do this every time you feel that you are under stress. What is most important, says doctor is to do it every night before going to sleep!

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