Almond Milk Strengthens Nerves And Muscles And Positively Affects The Nervous System


       Almond milk is a tasty and refreshing beverage that refreshes the organism and strengthens the body. It contains vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, selenium. Almond milk is a powerful antioxidant. It is an excellent source of protein and fiber. No cholesterol and saturated fat as there is in cow’s milk. This milk contains lactose and casein. Almond strengthens the nerves and muscles. It possesses beneficial effect on the nervous system, intestinal antiseptic, provides the body with a lot of minerals (calcium, potassium, zinc, iron), and accelerates digestion. 30 grams of almond contains the same amount of calcium as ¼ of a cup of milk and therefore these properties, as well as the content of folic acid is recommended for pregnant women and children.

      The preparation of almond milk is quite simple: All you need is half a cup of plain almonds (unroasted, unsalted), 2 cups of water (more if needed) and salt, honey, vanilla extract – (optional).

      Place the almonds in a glass of water and let them soak for several hours or, better, overnight. Peel the almonds place them in blender, add a cup of water and grind the mixture for about 5 minutes at high speed until you get a smooth thick resulting paste. Add the remaining water, or more if you want to, and drain the mixture. Dry the rest of almonds so you can use it for making cookies. For the milk to be more delicious, cool it before use. You can spice it with a few grains of salt, honey or vanilla extract. It can be maintained usable in the fridge for several days.


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