Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage-4 Cancer with Only One Ingredient!


World’s most famous book author for children, Ann Cameron, has written more than 15 children’s books when in 2012 she was diagnosed third stage cancer on colon. So, she wanted to share her terrible struggle with this disease with the public.

Luckily, she won over this terrible disease in a natural way, that’s why she decided to help others suffering from same problem.

In 2005, after having spent so many months of chemotherapy, her husband unfortunately died from lung cancer. As soon as she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she underwent surgery and recommended to receive chemo. But, she refused because the chemo did not bring positive results to her husband. Instead, she chose to find alternative ways to cure it. Meanwhile, she studied various alternative treatments, and suddenly run into Ralph Cole, who wrote about successfully curing skin cancer only by drinking 2,5 kilograms of carrot juice per day.

So, she decided to do the very same treatment. After 2 months of practicing it, her medical tests proved that the expansion of cancer cells has been stopped, and that the lymph glands and tumors started to decrease. She kept on drinking the carrot juice and within 4 months, the tumor was withdrawing still. According to the CT scan, after 8 months there were no cancer traces.

Carrot juice consumption can be done together with other conventional treatments, because of the fact that it isn’t compatible with chemo and radiation. But, she decided to cure the disease solely by drinking the carrot juice in order to avoid additional side-effects provoked by the chemotherapy.

She suggests patients should delay the conventional treatments. Instead, to start drinking the carrot juice initially since it can stop the proliferation of cancer cells.

According to science, the anti-cancer characteristics that carrots contain are due to the antioxidant Falcarinol which is found in them.

In a study conducted in the UK and in Denmark on mice and rats having colon cancer, it was found that the carrot juice consumption reduced the cancer incidence in 1/3 of the animals experimented.

Moreover, carrots are extremely rich in some other beneficial nutrients, so that’s the reason why their consumption has so many good health effects. We strongly suggest you to start drinking them on a regular basis but with the consent of your doctor.


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