Apple Seeds and Cancer: This is What the Government Has Been Hiding From Us for Years

apple seeds

The majority of people are shocked when they hear about consuming cherry pits, apple seeds and apricot seeds as they contain some amounts of cyanide. However recent research claims that these seeds are exactly what we need to treat cancer, and that they’re the cure we’ve all been waiting for.

While it is true that they contain cyanide which is poisonous, facts say that it would take a large number of these seeds to cause a fatal problem in the human body.

According to new Australian evidence, consuming apricot seeds in large amounts (dozens) on daily basis for a few months, has a high chance of eliminating cancer.

To find out how, we must look into the compound which contains cyanide – Amygdalin. Amygdalin has four molecules (bezaldyhide, cyanide, and two glucose molecules) and the reason behind their efficiency at treating cancer, is that the cancer cells attract the amygdalin compounds as they need glucose from the glucone, but in doing so, the cyanide and benzaldehyde end up eliminating the cancer cell.

Therefore every time a cancer cell tries to feed on the glucose from amygdalin, it ends up dying whatsoever as the glucose acts as a sugar bait.

The beta-glycosidase enzyme triggers the amygdalin compounds which release the deadly toxins within the cancer cells. It has been shown that only cancer cells can metabolize amygdalin, unlike healthy normal cells that cannot.

Most cancerous cells contain an enzyme known as rhodanese, which binds free cyanide molecules to sulphur molecules, creating harmless cyanides which are expelled from the body during urination.

The only reason why apricot seeds aren’t banned is because they’re not yet being promoted as a cancer cure. It is highly recommended that if you’re battling cancer that you avoid all types of sugar. Although these apricot seeds have shown significant results, more research needs to be conducted in order to conclude that they’re in fact – the ultimate cancer cure.


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