Average Lifespan Of Psychoactive Substance Addicts


       According to a research, conducted by the team made the site “Treatment4addiction”, regular consumption of two or more alcoholic beverages a day shortens man’s life by even 23 years, and regular smoking a pack of cigarettes a day takes away 10 years of human life.

      Methadone addicts shorten their life for 38 years and on average die by the time they are 41 years of age. Methamphetamine cost addicts even 42 years of life, and an average addict to synthetic drugs dies on 37 years of age. Addicts who take cocaine daily shorten their life for 34 years, and, on average, die when 45 years old. Heroine takes 41 years of an addict’s life. An average addict to this drug dies when 38 years of age.

       However, this research provides a precise figure when it comes to chronic smokers and users of drugs and alcohol.

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