Suffering From Back, Hip, or Knee Pain? Try These Quick & Easy Exercises


Pain is overall hard to tolerate and can sometimes worsen and ruin your normal daily life. Although chronic pain can occur from many factors, the main ones are a stressful lifestyle, physical inactivity or a long-term health problem.

Numerous treatments for all sorts of chronic pain exist, but are usually extremely expensive and have a risk of being successful.

But nature is full of incredible gifts ready to be harvested and used to our advantage. From healthy diet to continuous exercising, there isn’t anything that a healthy lifestyle cannot fix.

 Today we are going to show you a few quick and easy exercises suitable for people of all ages dealing with different kinds of pain.

#1 Toe Walks

You’ve probably heard of them before, but if not – toe walking is one of the most common exercises used by  people from all around the world to deal with pain. They are included in almost all types of warm-up exercises and the main focus is on the feet, muscles, and ligaments.

But that is not all! Regularly practicing toe walks will neutralize pain from different parts of your body as well. It is a no-pain essential!

#2 Wall Calf Stretch

Calf muscles are rarely in play in the regular warm up and stretch up exercises but they are too, an essential in eliminating pain. It is suggested to tighten up your calves as much as you can in order to prevent pain from taking a toll. This exercise is often used to take the stress out of knee pain and stop it altogether.

#3 Pencil Pickups

This is a common exercise yet it is very effective. Place a pencil or a pen on the ground, and start to pick it up with your toes. While doing this, it helps to count to ten in order to feel the instant pain relief.

#4 Toe Presses

Feet warm-up is a must-must when stretching up. It plays a vital role in getting rid of constant pain from all over your body. Stand up and bend your knees a little. Gather your toes “inside” and hold this posture for about 3 seconds then release. Repeat this process until you feel relief.

#5 Half-Kneel Hip and Quad Stretch

This stretch-up is for the quad muscles and the hips. Kneel on one of your knees and keep the other foot on the floor while trying to reach a 90-degree angle with your bent knee.

Now after you’ve got the angle right, lean forward your front leg and extend the front leg from the hip down. Hold the ankle of your leg firmly on the ground and pull your leg toward the rear. This exercise is designed solely to stretch the hips and relief hip pain.


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