Baking Soda And Honey: Remedy That Destroys Even The Most Severe Disease


      Medical science has already determined that cancer cells feed on sugar, but in this case  because of presence of baking soda, sugar act quite otherwise. It has been proven that due soda, cancer cells despite the presence of sugars, they can not use it. It’s also known that cancer cells can consume up to 15 times more glucose than normal cells. The mixture of baking soda and honey not only can penetrate the cancer cells, but may even destroy them.

      How to prepare mixture ?

      Take one part of baking soda and three parts of honey (may use  maple syrup). Mix well until baking soda dissolves . Put it on low heat and heat it for 10 minutes. And that’ all.  Use it 3 times a day one teaspoon within 30 days. During this period should avoid consuming sugar, white flour, meat and meat products.


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