Amazing Discovery! Baking Soda And Castor Oil Solve More than 24 Health Issues!


In the past centuries, traditional folk remedies were the best possible solution that was used for treatment and healing of almost every health problem. Nowadays, the majority of population also try to dive back into the natural folk ways of healing and living.

Many experts recommend the castor oil for usage and healing of numerous health issues. It’s famous for promotion of good circulation and most of the time is used as coating. But, if you combine it with baking soda, you will double its efficiency.

How is castor oil coating made?

Cleanse well each area with baking soda solution before you apply castor oil coating. All you need is clean gauze, cold pressed castor oil, plastic foil, and a bottle of warm water. After you heat up the oil, put it on a gauze and apply on the needed area. Then, cover it with the foil. Then, take the bottle of warm water and put over the spot. Wrap it with a towel and let it stay like that for 60 minutes. Repeat this for 40 days.

The castor oil will speed up the healing process of numerous health conditions and issues:

  1. If you have a strained ankle, wrap a castor oil on it and let it overnight.
  2. To avoid stretch marks when pregnant, massage your belly with castor oil for the last 2 months.
  3. Mix castor oil and baking soda for dark facial spot removal.
  4. Put one drop before going to sleep for curing of cataract.
  5. For curing of hoarseness and vocal cord nodule put castor oil coating in the neck on a regular basis.
  6. Castor oil cures pilonidal cysts.
  7. Sip 5 drops of castor oil each morning for allergies.
  8. If you have eye allergies, rub castor oil on the eyelids before going to sleep.
  9. Drink a few drops of this oil on a daily basis to stop alcohol or nicotine addiction.
  10. Massage your hair scalp 20 min with this oil before putting shampoo for faster hair grow.
  11. To improve hearing, drop a few castor oil inside the ear.
  12. To remove the tinnitus, sip 8 drops continuously for 4 months
  13. Put castor oil coatings for 7 days in order to soothe the lower back pain.
  14. Put castor oil coating so to cure issues of chronic diarrhea.
  15. Rub your skin with this oil for 30 days in order to remove warts.
  16. Treat fungi infection on your feet castor coatings.
  17. To remove calcium deposit, massage soles daily with this oil.
  18. Rub the moles for 30 days with castor oil to remove them.
  19. For treating hyperactivity, apply oil coatings on your belly.
  20. Hepatitis can be treated also with castor oil.
  21. Mix castor oil and baking soda for treatment of skin cancer.
  22. Use castor oil coatings on your belly for 2 weeks to stop the snoring.
  23. For chronic diarrhea, use castor oil coatings on your stomach.
  24. Soothe the pain and swelling of bee stings with application of castor oil.


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