The Best 10 Workouts to Burn Belly Fat with No Running or Jogging


Today’s article is intended for those people that think they need to lose a few pounds, but dislike cardio exercises and sweating. Instead, you should try some resistance workouts. In a recent study it was proved that these kind of workouts reverses alcoholic fatty liver and at the same time, resistance workouts change metabolism. In the study, 53 people were divided into two groups, the first one was doing push ups and squats 3 times per week for twelve weeks, and on the other hand, the second group didn’t do anything.

After the 12 weeks passed, the results from both groups were compared and it turned out that the first group achieved less fat and more muscle. In addition, they had lowered levels of iron, insulin, and fatty liver, which is extremely good for the metabolism!

That’s why, we are going to show you the best workouts which will provide you with optimal results. They will provide you with more muscle mass and they will slow down the aging process. These workouts target more muscles at once since they consist of compound movements.

  1. Burpee – The main exercise for improved heart pumping. Burpee burns more calories than cardio exercises.
  2. Pull up – This exercise tones the back. Although it may be a little bit hard on the beginning, with practice it will become amazing.
  3. Squat – Body-weight squats are more challenging and are intended for more intensity dumb bells and barbells.
  4. Push up – This exercise strengthen the triceps, shoulders, and the upper chest, as well. With it, the core gets toned also. You can do it everywhere with different intensity.
  5. Lunge – It strengthen and tone the thighs, butt, and hamstrings. In case you feel knee pain, do glute bridge.
  6. Spider crawl – Improves mobility in hips and at the same time, it tones core.
  7. Skater – It’s amazing for the ankles and knees. For additional calories loss, jolt the joints and make minor jumping.
  8. Plank – Simply amazing and effective. It strengthens the core, the transverse abdomen. It removes back pain. You need to hold for 60 seconds.
  9. Jump rope – It’s an amazing alternative for running because it burns same amount of calories. It tones the legs and the arms. Therefore, do a phantom skip and pretend like you jump rope while tossing the rope from one side to another.
  10. Get up – This exercise engage core and triceps and provide you with fat-free toned abdomen.

All of the above listed exercise will provide you with the body that you have always wanted. All you need to do is to set aside 15 minutes on a daily basis in order to be slimmer, toned, stronger, and healthier.


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