This Powerful Tea Is The Best Remedy For Swollen Legs


There are few reasons why people have swollen legs. On occasions it may be from standing for too long, but in other circumstances the reasons can be pregnancy, weight gain, menstrual cycle, unhealthy diet and poor blood circulation. Other than personal health reasons, people could have swollen legs also because of extremely hot weather, sudden temperature changes, drastic weather changes and humidity. Sometimes if the legs are swollen there is no pain and that is simple physics, gravity is doing its job and the fluids in the legs are pulled down. But there are cases when people feel very uncomfortable having this condition and could be very painful experience.

There is very simple way to reduce the swelling in your legs. Lie on your back and raise your legs up on to a char, a bed or even on the wall, approximately 30cm / 1 foot from the ground (like being on all fours but in laying position.)

If you don’t have the time and place to do so, make yourself a nice cup of parsley tea. Parsley is a really good ingredient to make tea of for swollen legs because it has the power to extract the fluids that the body doesn’t need. The parsley has extremely high health benefits especially because it is natural diuretic. This is confirmed very often in the past couple of years by scientist and elaborated in their studies. In 2002 the Journal of Ethno pharmacology published a study claiming that the prime role of it is to act as a natural diuretic.

Osmosis and the urine flow are stimulated by consuming parsley simply because of its ability to inhibit potassium and sodium ion pumps. It is considered that the parsley could be considered as necessity for the body. There are a lot of artificial diuretics on the market that are stimulating the urine flow as well and are also capable to lower the levels of potassium but they will probably cause side effects, unlike the parsley where side effect are impossible to happen.

“Diuretic and hipotensitive activity of aqueous extract seeds” is a Brazilian study published in 2009 where they state that parsley is not only helping the body to extract the excessive amounts of body liquid by improving and stimulating urine flow, it also helps the blood pressure to be regulated.

Dr. John R. Christopher is a respected and well established doctor – herbalist of the United States  who says that people should have at least one cup (2quarts / 64oz / 200ml) of parsley tea or plain raw parsley on a daily basis. This should become a habit, especially for those who suffer from swollen feet, diuretic problems, holding up excessive amount of fluid or having high blood pressure, in order to keep the health under control. The good side of taking natural organic ingredients, fruits and vegetables is that increasing the amount of any of these will not harm your body or your health. On the contrary, it will make significant positive change.

Seeds, leaves and roots are the best part of the parsley plant. Best consumed is raw, it has such a potent fragrance and flavor and preferably should be organic for best results in the healing process of your body.  In case the taste of parsley is too potent for you, here is a simple way to prepare it in liquid form.

Instructions for preparing parsley tea:

Take a bunch of parsley, chop it fine (seeds, leaves, roots all together) or eventually use a food processor. In a pot boil 500qz / 500ml / 2 ½ cups of filtered water and add 5 teaspoons into the boiling water and let the tea boil for five minutes. Remove the pot from the burner and let it rest and cool down for approximately 20 minutes or until ready to consume. Use a strainer before storing it in the fridge for the day. The recommended amount of daily use is 500ml / 500qz divided in 3 parts and consumed morning, afternoon and evening. After short period of time you will notice the difference. More often dispersing liquids and disappearing swellings in the legs. Cheers!






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