Best Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally


Babies are undoubtedly one of the biggest asset for women. Conceiving immediately after getting married is such an overwhelming feeling for all women who desperately want to indulge in a parenting role. But, nothing can compare to the feeling when a mother finds out that she is pregnant with twin babies. There is no woman in this world that doesn’t crave for giving birth to a child. That feeling cannot be compared with any other life pleasures.

It is unpredictable the conceiving with twin babies under natural circumstances. However, if you undergone medical treatments like IUI, IVF, the chances to conceive with twin babies are high. Nevertheless, if you want to find out some natural ways how to conceive with twins, keep on reading this article.

Natural formation of twins

The majority of twins are fraternal, meaning that they are conceived when 2 eggs were released during ovulation period. On the other side, identical twins are rarety and occur when one egg splits in 2 during the early pregnancy.

Increase the chance of conceiving with twins

There are some factors that increase the chances of having twins. But, there are some that you cannot control as well. For instance, if you have a family history of twins then the chances of having twins are high. Age and ethnicity also influence the chances of having twins. African American women conceive twins more in comparison with Caucasian women. Twins are common in older women, too.

  1. Older women are more likely to conceive with twins, but older mothers are also more prone to miscarriages.
  2. Women who have proper intake of dairy products increase their chances for 5 times of conceiving with twins. According to a theory from Africa, eating wild yams will increase the chances as well.
  3. Continue breastfeeding. Study finds that women who were breastfeeding in the period when they conceived, have 9 times bigger chances to conceive twins than those who didn’t breastfeeding.
  4. As soon as you stop taking birth control pills, try to conceive immediately. When a woman uses the pill for 6 or more months, her body adjusts to the birth control and controls her hormones. And, when she stops taking them, her body begins to regulate its own production of hormones again, leading excess hormone stimulation.


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