Best Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally


Most women find overwhelming the feeling of being pregnant immediately after marriage, especially for those who wish a parenting role. There are numerous ways to conceive with twins medically, but conceiving with twins in a natural way is something extraordinary. In today’s article, we are about to show you several natural ways how to conceive with twins naturally.

Natural formation of twins.

The majority of twin babies are fraternal, meaning that they are conceived with 2 eggs during ovulation period. On the other hand, identical twins happen when 1 egg will split in two in the early stage of pregnancy.

Here’s how to increase the chance of conceiving with twins.

Having a family history of twins increases the chances of having twins. Ethnicity and age also affect the chances of having twins. Caucasian women are less likely to conceive with twins than the Afro-American women. In addition, Asian women have lower chances of getting pregnant with twins.

  1. Older women are more likely to get conceived have twins. But, parallel to this, the risk of miscarriage in older mothers is higher.
  2. Increase the intake of dietary products: Women consuming dairy products have 5 times higher chances of having twins. It’s recommended to eat wild yams. It’s an Africa theory in which the consumption of wild yams and cassava root stimulates the ovaries, resulting in releasing more than 1 egg during the ovulation period.
  3. Continue breastfeeding: It was proved in a study that women who were breastfeeding at the moment when they conceived, have 9 times more chances to conceive twins as opposed to those who weren’t breastfeeding.
  4. Conceive immediately after stopping birth control pills: If a woman has used birth control pills for more than 6 months, then her body adjusts to the control that is imposed over its hormones. So, as soon as she stops taking these pills, her body will start controlling its own hormone production once again, leading to increased stimulation of hormones. This might make the ovaries to release more than 1 egg during the ovulatory cycle after discontinuing the pill.


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