Black Cat – A Symbol Of Bad Luck


       The belief that black cats bring bad luck became especially popular after a story began to spread. The story was about a father and son from Lincolnshire who lived in the distant 1560. The two men reportedly traveled one night when a black cat crossed their path, and took a ground creeping position. They threw stones until the helpless and violated animal fled into the house of a woman, who was suspected of being a witch. The next day, the father and son encountered the same woman and noticed that she was limping and that there were bruises, which could not possibly be accidental. Since that day in Lincolnshire was believed witches turn into black cats at night in order to walk freely on the streets.

      Even today, we still celebrate Halloween and black cats are often the motif. This is how the animal, which humanity once admired, became a symbol for prediction of evil in many parts of the world. However in some cultures, black cat is still admired and it is a symbol of good luck.

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