Black Salve: The Magical Cancer Cure


You have never ever probably heard of Black Salve, I assume. It is one of the treatments that are not commonly known to the wider population, but it’s commonly used in South America for centuries. It is very effective for treatment of various health issues, including cancer. The Black Salve is a special mixture that consist of many herbs and their incredible medical characteristics.

Until now, this ancient Native American blend has been hidden from the medicine and pharmacy in the west. They gave their best just to hide this ointment because of the fear that Black Salve might outsell other products.

Throughout the history, Black Salve was used to remove fungi, tumors, and yeasts from the body. It was given the name ‘Black Salve’ because of its color, since it has blood-root, an herb that has black color. Also, it contains zinc and other herbs. In the past, blood-root was used for treatment of infections, soothing inflammations and cough, treatment of moles, warts, and skin cancer.

The main active nutrient which can be found in the blood-root is sanguinarine, which is rich in antimicrobial, antiangiogenic, anticancer features. Many studies proved that blood-root is extremely good for destruction of cancer cells.

Black salve can:

– Improve the blood flow, helping the blood vessels and the heart

– Oxygenate the whole body

– Eliminate fungus, polyps, warts, and other skin tags

This ointment can be used both internally and externally, however it provides the best results when it is applied topically on the skin growth constantly, until it shrinks.


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