This Is How Your Brain Physically Changes When You Consume Whole Turmeric


Many people have often referred to turmeric as a sort of miracle spice since it provides over 600 health benefits according to research. The amazing health benefits that turmeric provides are thank to its concentrated amount of cur cumin, a compound that has been proven to help with brain regeneration and boosting the immune system.

A Long Overlooked Benefit

The ar-turmerone is a turmeric component that grabbed the attention of many researchers thanks to its effects on neutral stem cells. Research has found that the neutral number of stem cells increased by 80% when they were exposed to ar-turmerone, which signals the process of a healing effect. Research done on rats has shown that when ar-turmerone is used on rats, they formed healthy new brain cells in the hippocampus and sub ventricular zone where new neurons grow. Not only that, but these two areas also grew in size as well.

With this said, it is safe to assume that ar-turmerone is a strong regenerative that can aid brain regeneration and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and stroke. Another incredible thing I that the ar-turmerone isn’t only capable of aiding stems proliferation, but it can differentiate stem cells into neurons, and this is a huge goal for the regenerative medicine.

On the other hand, curcumin has been used to improve the memory of Alzheimer’s patients.

Although consuming curcumin extract will provide you with numerous benefits, using the whole turmeric will offer you numerous therapeutic compounds that the extract can’t. For example, in case of a colon inflammation, consuming the extract won’t provide many benefits since the extract is going to be absorbed by the small intestine.

The effects of ar-turmerone on the human brain still aren’t fully known however this recent study has certainly expanded the knowledge we have about regenerative factor embedded within. After reading this, we recommend adding a pinch of turmeric to your smoothie the next time and believe us when we tell you that your future self is going to be thankful for it!

Since healing plants consist of hundreds beneficial compounds it is extremely hard to detect which compound is the responsible one for the healing powers. Right now, it is assumed that curcumin and ar-turmerone have the most substantial positive benefits for both the mind and the body, but if you want to take advantage of the full health benefits, consume the turmeric as a whole.



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