Breast-Fed Babies Are More Intelligent


        It has been known that breast milk is very useful for strengthening the immunity of babies, it helps to fight ear infections, stomach viruses and asthma etc. However, little is known about its effects on intelligence. New studies confirm that breast-fed babies are more intelligent.

       Breast-fed children later showed more success in reading, writing and mathematics. Breast milk affects cognitive development, but it has clear benefits for the brain development of children as well. Researchers in Australia analyzed the results at a certain school in 1038 boys and girls. They considerate social class, education level of the mother, and the time mothers could spend reading to their children. It was found that children who were breastfed by their mothers for at least six months were nine percent better in math, spelling and reading than those who were fed by bottle.

       Young mothers say that breastfeeding reduces child possibilities to be restless, but also decreases the chances for cancer in the woman. Breastfeeding also can help in the process of losing weight.

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