Can People Die From Fear?


       Think before you frighten your friend because when people are faced with a situation that frightens them, they experience rapid heartbeat, dilated pupils and increased blood flow in the muscles. Unfortunately, the increased amount of adrenaline can damage the heart and even lead to death said Robert Glater, a doctor from the emergency aid Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

      Due to great fear strong muscle contractions are caused in the heart and the heart muscle cannot easily relax. In such case we might get ventricular fibrillation, a condition in which the heart is not beating properly. This leads to a drop in blood pressure, blood comes to the brain and then we faint. Sometimes it can also result in death.

      Not only fear, but any extreme emotion can cause such a reaction. High levels of adrenaline can lead to death even during sex, religious fervor or some sports event. It can also occur as a reaction to an explosion sound, and even a “terrible” smell. The good news is that people can mitigate this acute reaction of fear that is not under our control by practicing yoga, or through meditation.

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