The Cancer, Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods, Time To Start Eating Them


Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, or you simply just want to prevent it, we have the thing just for you.

A recent study concluded that including these 7 simple foods in our daily diet will help us fight off and prevent cancer very efficiently.

These 7 foods don’t serve the cancer cells but instead they fight off the growth of tumors which is already a solid reason why you should love them.

Here are the 7 miracle foods:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Blueberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Curry
  • Green Tea

Medical experts claim that these foods can be more effective in defeating cancer than chemo! But what is so special about these foods?

Well for starters, angiogenesis is the process where blood vessels are created in our body. This process enhances throughout the phases in life. It is most enhanced in newborns and it gets weaker and weaker as years go by. This process is regulated by the activator and inhibitor molecules. When there is a need for stimulating cell growth for new vessel formation, the activator molecules come in play.

So what these 7 foods do is they impend a supply of blood to the tumor cells because they have angiogenesis properties. And tumor cells require extra blood vessels in order to supply nutrients and grow through the body.

Once the cancer cells get fully established they release angiogenesis activators – molecules that cheat your body and cause development of fresh blood vessels to supply nutrients to the tumor. This is the main reason why the modern medicine is developing drugs such as inhibitors and angiogenesis. They work the opposite way of chemotherapy. Instead of attacking the cancer cells, they prevent the development of blood vessels in the tumors.

So instead of buying these expensive drugs, scientists say that a better alternative is to consume these 7 natural foods that act as a natural angiogenesis. It will reduce the chances of microscopic tumors from developing in your body.

These are the foods that you need to consume:


A study done in Harvard claims that tomatoes are extremely efficient in inhibiting angiogenesis. Another study proved that people who cooked tomato sauce 4 times a month have reduced their chances of prostate cancer for 50 percent.

The reason behind this is that tomatoes are rich in lycopene a compound that has strong angiogenic properties. It functions by dissolving fat and it gets absorbed through our digestive tract.

Red Wine

Resveratrol is claimed to be a “magical” substance that is found in red wine. It is a pretty solid antioxidant that is found in the skins of grapes and it is very effective in minimizing the risk of heart disease, killing fungi, bacteria and viruses. It helps the cells produce more energy and it prolongs the life in both humans and animals. Other benefits also include:

  • Improving glucose tolerance in diabetics
  • Eliminates free radicals
  • Preventing cell damage and repairing damaged DNA
  • Improving heart function
  • Improving physical & mental wellbeing along with concentration

Consuming only 225 ml of red wine will supply you with 640 mcg resveratrol. If you take your daily dosage as a supplement, you should take from 200 to 600 mcg a day.

Raspberries & Blueberries

These two kinds of berries are considered by many experts to be highly efficient in preventing numbers of cancer because of their ability to reduce oxidative stress and inhibit angiogenesis. Their dark color results from phytochemicals that prevent from developing cancers.

Dark Chocolate

Aside from tasting extremely sweet, chocolate is scientifically proven to boost and improve your mood and fight bad cells in your body. Therefore it is good for you.

Green Tea & Coffee

We can all agree that coffee and green tea are our favorite consumable drinks. They are of extreme help to all of the foods above and also have an important role in the fight against cancer.


Turmeric is an ancient superfood that has tons of health benefits for your overall body. It gives a big boost to your immune system and overall health and helps in burning fat.


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