Cancer Can Be CURED And This Doctor Refused To Keep Quiet – He Shared The Truth


Colin T. Campbell, a well-known professor of nutritional biochemistry at University of Cornell, recently was put at the most difficult crossroad in his life – He had to choose either improving his professional career by sharing his new scientific discoveries or losing his job and letting the would continue suffering. Even CIA knocked at his door in order to ask some questions concerning his controversial researches. Despite that he was threatened he will lose his job, Dr. Campbell decided to tell the truth in order to change the world to be a better place for everyone.

During his latest scientific research, he found out that the major reason for chronic diseases and cancer is the consumption of animal products, including milk, meat, and fish. He succeeded in finding a connection between ‘cassein’, a protein which can be found in milk, and breast cancer.

Dr. Campbell highly neglects the popular diets and he doesn’t agree with celebrity doctors because his main goal and responsibility is to provide health to anyone, including people who can’t afford treatments and pharmaceutical drugs. According to Dr. Campbell, doctors cannot be nutritionists because of the fact that they lack the professional training for giving diet advice.

However, speaking of him, he’s spent 50 years and more in public labs. And, now he wants to spread the word about the results of his research, which are the following: simple changes in the diet can reduce the risk of cancer, prevent heart disease, and even treat cancer.

According to him, consumption of products from animal origin activates cancer cells, whereas reducing the meat intake reduces the risk of cancer. Or, to say it this way, a high-protein diet will increase the cancer cells proliferation and will provide oxygen to free radicals.

Dr. Campbell’s research strongly points out the fact that the only cure for cancer is in plants.

Growing in a conservative family that lived on a farm, Dr. Campbell was convinced that milk had enormous nutritional value. But, when he started with his academic career, he studied dietary protein in children and was blown away completely as soon as he discovered the link between liver cancer and animal protein.

What shocked him the most was an Indian study which believe it or not, stated the same thing. This inspired him to write a book on diet and epidemiological studies in 2005 together with his son Thomas. His book was sold over 1,000,000 copies and was translated in more than 25 different languages. Motivated from the first one, he wrote another book in 2013 in which he explains how casein is the worst carcinogenic protein.

Even though his research was disapproved for human clinical trials, plant-based diet was proved by small studies that can treat heart disease, in fact.

Edward Giovannucci, a colleague of Dr. Campbell and a professor of etymology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, agrees with Dr. Campbell that improper diet is main source of bad health. He added that the worst thing in the western diet is the fact that people eat too much of casein foods.

However, despite every effort, the public keep on eating animal products. According to many studies, milk isn’t better than soda drinks and it doesn’t improve the bones structure in the later years. On the contrary, it increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Despite the interest of Cornell Chronicle in publishing Dr. Campbell’s research, they didn’t do that because of the pressure imposed by the Big Pharmacy industry.

At the moment, Dr. Campbell is presenting his research to people in New York and North Carolina and conducts free classes, where he talks about the way our government ignores science.

The economy suggests certain types of diets which thrives off meat consumption and dairy products, in order the pharma industry to make profits on the basis of people’s fatal consequences.


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