Cancer Dies When You Eat These 5 Foods, Time To Start Eating Them


As soon as the human body is created, it starts to undergo a stage called angiogenesis in which the formation of all blood vessels happens. This process doesn’t stop when we are born. On the contrary, it is still present in the later stages in our lives. for instance, when we had an injury or when we cut our skin, artery, or vein, then the rebuilding the blood canals happens.

Most of the time, this process is connected with cancer expansion and it’s orchestrated by inhibitors or activators. The majority of the cancer researchers focus on the inhibitors, but in fact, it is the activators that boost and promote the vascular expansion of cells, in order the new blood vessels to be created.

So, the following 5 groceries are anti – angiogenesis, meaning that they will stop the expansion of cancer because they prevent the feeding of the cancer cells:

  1. The Blueberry & Raspberry Effect

Raspberries and blueberries are well known because of their anti – cancer capacities, especially when concerning the ovarian cancer. The main reason for their dark hue and effectiveness are the phytochemicals, which are proven to be amazing for cancer prevention.

  1. Coffee and Green Tea

Green tea and coffee are one of the most popular daily-consumed drinks. In addition, their consumption reduces the risk of cancer development and expansion.

  1. The Tomato Effect

In a study conducted in a Harvard University, it was proved that the chances for cancer in the prostate were reduced up to 50% in people who consumed cooked tomatoes on a daily basis. Tomatoes are extremely effective in preventing the angiogenesis thanks to their high content of lycopene, a substance that has potent anti-angiogenic characteristics. Experts proved that lycopene can be disturbed very easily through the digestion system. Moreover, the concentration of lycopene increases when exposed to higher temperatures. For that reason, cooked tomatoes are extremely effective in terms of cancer prevention.

  1. Dark Chocolate

No matter how unbelievable it may sound, dark chocolate is incredibly healthy for consumption since it improves the condition of your heart and improve your overall happiness. In addition, it fights against cancer cells.

  1. Turmeric

Thanks to its innumerate health benefits, turmeric is extremely effective when it comes to fat reduction and cancer prevention.


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