The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods.Time To Start Eating Them!


According to one medical portal, eating 7 specific foods can help you eliminate cancer and prevent tumour growth. The combination of these foods is delicious and it is guaranteed to not leave you hungry.

The foods that are considered to be an incredible anti-cancer combo are: red wine, tomatoes, green tea, dark chocolate, curry and blueberries. Some scientists are highly confident that these foods are far better and more efficient than chemo, and don’t cause any unwanted side-effects.

But what makes these foods work so efficient? 

This simple yet incredible remedy works by blocking the blood supply to tumour cells and has anti-angiogenesis properties. The process in which blood vessels are formed in the body is called Angiogenesis and this process is usually activated in new-born babies and in adults when a damaged tissue needs to be repaired.

This is the process that supplies the tumour cells with nutrients and therefore helps them spread through the blood. They stimulate the process of angiogenesis since they need more and more blood vessels, so they cheat the body into creating new blood vessels which will help supply the new tumour cells with oxygen and nutrients.

You can find a variety of medicines which act as inhibitors of angiogenesis, and the good thing about them is that unlike chemotherapy, they focus only on the bad tumour cells and don’t attack the healthy cells.

So since we now know how to inhibit the growth of the tumour cells, we’re left with only one more problem – stopping the growth and completely eliminating the tumour in its early stage.

The Food-Combo that Stops Angiogenesis

Men, who consumed cooked tomatoes or tomato sauce more than 4 times a month, had a reduced risk of getting prostate cancer by 50%. This was thanks to the lycopene found in tomatoes, which contain anti-antigenic properties.

The difference between vitamin C and lycopene is that lycopene in tomato increases when it is cooked with oil or processed under a high temperature.

Another useful substance can be found in foods with curry – Turmeric. This spice is known to be extremely health and easily melt extra fat.

  • Red wine

Grape skins contain a powerful antioxidant by the name of resveratrol, which is known to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Resveratrol has also been confirmed to increase the life-span of animals, prevent cancer, kill bacteria, eliminates free radicals as well as improve heart function. As an addition to that, it boosts the energy levels, improves both physical and mental health, improves concentration and repairs radiation-induced damage of the DNA. And if grapes are not your thing, then that is completely normal, you can always consume resveratrol supplements which are usually combined with grape extract or some other antioxidant.

  • Best Drinks that Act as Chemotherapy (Green Tea and Coffee)

Raspberries and blueberries have a dark color as a result of the phytochemicals present in them. Phytochemicals are widely recognized for their ability to protect from different types of cancers as well as reduce oxidative stress.

However if you want to consume something delicious but nonetheless healthy, then we recommend dark chocolate as it is good for your cardiovascular health and will greatly improve your mood.


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