Check This Surprising Uses Of Toothpaste and You Can Ease Your Life Forever!


A few people only are familiar with the fact that toothpaste can be used for so many things besides cleaning your teeth. In today’s article, we are going to present 20 incredible toothpaste tricks which will make your life easier:

  1. Hang posters

All you have to do is to apply some toothpaste on each side of the poster and stick it to the wall.

2. Remove scratches

Put some toothpaste on a cloth and then rub with it the car stains. You car will shine again.

  1. Scratched DVDs and CDs

Rub a little bit of a toothpaste on CD that stopped working and then play it once again.

  1. Clean your thermos

Fill your thermos with some water and add some toothpaste.  Then shake it well. It will eliminate the odor since thermos can be pretty stinky.

  1. Dirty hands

Remove all the dirt from your hands by only washing them with toothpaste.

  1. Nail polish

Remove the nail polish by rubbing toothpaste on them.

  1. Carpet stains

If you accidentally spill some wine or coffee over your carpet, use toothpaste to clean the stains.

  1. Clean your footwear

Toothpaste destroys the odor and make your shoes to look just like new.

  1. Clean your smartphone

By cleaning your smartphone with some toothpaste, you can make it look like new.

  1. Clean your iron

Clean your iron with some toothpaste and make it shiny again.

  1. Pimples

Toothpaste will dry the pimples overnight and they will be gone by the morning.

  1. Mosquito bites

Rub some toothpaste over mosquito bites in order to reduce the irritation and itching.

  1. Dye Stains

Remove dye stains from the towels by using toothpaste.

  1. Ink stains on shirts

Apply some toothpaste on the stain and let it dry.  Then, wash the clothe the following day. Ythe ink stains will be gone.

  1. Water stains on table

Remove the water spots on the table by using some toothpaste.

  1. Foggy swimming goggles

Prevent foggy swimming goggles by cleaning them with toothpaste.

  1. Shoe cleaning

Clean all the dirt on each pair of shoes with toothpaste.

  1. Clean your old piano keys

Clean your old piano keys by using toothpaste.

  1. Car headlights

Rub your headlights with some toothpaste and make them as good as new.

  1. Silver polish

Clean all of your silver products with some toothpaste and restore their shine easily.


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