How To Clean The Feet With Baking Soda


This article is dedicated on showing you how to easily clean your feet and eliminate the uncomfortable and unwanted odor using only baking soda. The best thing about this method is that you can do it at home, any time you want.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 3 tbsp. of Baking Soda
  • 4-5 liters of Water

Preparation and Use:

Dissolve the baking soda in hot water, and soak your feet in the mixture for 20 minutes. Once done, scrub your feet with pumice stone and then apply some Vaseline or nourishing cream.

Put on cotton socks and wear them overnight. The positive results will be noticeable after the first treatment. Repeat this treatment for a whole week, then pause one week, and repeat the procedure for another whole week. You will need to do a total of 3 treatments.


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