A Complete 3 Day Detox That Will Cleanse Your Body from Sugar, Help You Lose Weight and Boost Your Health


All of us is familiar with the fact that weight gain occurs as a result of eating unhealthy food that is rich in carbs and sugar. Nowadays, people worldwide consume so much sugar not being aware of that. When people consume sugar in moderate amounts, there will be no problem. But, if they intake so much sugar, the health problems arise. Sugar is an essential part of many drinks, sodas, yogurts, salad dressings, breakfast cereal, candies, and juices. It can be found in raisins, honey, bananas, mangoes, and etc.

The overdose of sugar can cause depression, hyperactivity, yeast infections, sinus problems, colds, mental disorientation, sleepiness, consequent fatigue, and headaches. It can provoke heart diseases, higher risk of diabetes, and cancer.


When eating too much sugar, our body uses as much as it need in order to produce energy. But the rest of the sugar amount is retained in the organism as fat. The sugar that we add into our meals is not like the natural sugar and it goes directly into our intestines and is perceived by our body as bacteria. In fact, that’s the sugar stored in our thighs, waist, and hips.


Although some people think that giving up on sugar is impossible, actually, it is possible. However, you will experience for sure some of the commonest withdrawal signs for every addiction, such as sadness, fatigue, queasiness, cravings, and headaches.

When we eat and digest our meal, we start to feel sugar cravings that alarms our brain that it is in need of eating something sweet. Try to control yourself, but don’t do that at once. For beginning, start by lowering the sugar intake. After a short period of time, you will see that your body and health in general are improved.

Take a look at the following 3-day detox plan which will reduce your sugar cravings:

1st Day:

Breakfast: 3 boiled or scrambled eggs or 1 cup of mixture consisting of oats, berries, seeds, and almonds

Morning snack: 1 bowl of nuts

Lunch: Chicken breast and cooked veggie, such as beans, beets, butternut squash, carrots, parsnips, almonds, and turnips

Dinner: 1 bowl of green beans, broiled fish (or fried mushrooms) and broccoli with salmon

2nd Day:

Breakfast: Spinach and 3 scrambled eggs or 1 cup of oats (including seeds, berries, and almonds)

Mid-morning snack: 1 bowl of different nuts

Lunch: Salad made of grind red and green cabbage, carrots, salt, olive oil and lemon dressing, and chopped parsley on the top

Dinner: baked cod along with stir-fried bok choy and roasted Brussels sprouts, turnips or steamed green veggies with vegetable casserole and bean soup

3rd Day:

Breakfast: Shrimps mixed with 3 scrambled eggs, a salad made of radish, walnuts, and sautéed kale (or 1 cup of oats including seeds, almonds, and berries)

Mid-morning snack: 1 bowl of various nuts

Lunch: Roasted chicken thighs & sage, lemon, and rosemary or roasted chicken meat with thyme, black olives, and onions

Dinner: Garlic or mushroom broth consisting of onion, bay leaves, thyme, celery, and carrots or pasta with brown sugar & basil, meat, mushroom, and tomato sauce


Instead of sugary drinks, you can drink many other. Water is the best option and it will definitely improve your metabolism.

Detox water: Chop some oranges, blueberries, strawberries, or grapefruits. Add some rosemary or fresh mint and put everything in a jar full of water. Store it in the fridge and drink on a daily basis!

Tea: Always drink your tea without sugar. The best is the green tea, although any kind of herbal tea will be good for your health. Drink three times a day.

Coffee: No more than 1 cup of black coffee without sugar per day!

Source: www.organichealthhouse.com

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