Confession Of A Nymphomaniac: I Have Already Slept With 40 Men When I Was 19 And Every Day I Was Searching For A New Pray


        Every day I was choosing five men and the only thing that interested me was just sex. Seid Colada begins her story by saying that she was always very lonely, and that sex was the only cure for it.

       In every moment of my life I had five men whom I could call at any time just to have sex. But even so i was looking for more. The fact that I was great in bed was my best quality. At that moment I felt worth of something, says Seid.

       When I was 13 I lost my virginity and was pregnant.

       At 14 I was not ready to be a mother, but I gave birth and leave the baby to my grandmother.

       At 17 I became dependent on a man who would have been constantly with me and whom I could have sex with. Then I met Paul, a boy who I had sex regularly with, who was always with me whenever i was alone. I was pregnant again and gave birth to a son. But Paul’s tenderness and diligence was not enough and I started to cheat on him. I was pregnant once again but this time I gave up on that child and aborted.

       At 19 I have already slept with 40 men, and my life started to fall apart. I had abortion twice, had several serious infections and lots of family problems.

      By the time I was 22 I fought chlamydia twice and was searching for new prey every night.

      At 26 I was pregnant again because I drank a little bit more and ended up in bed with a strange man. I had abortion again.

       In the 30th year of my life I finally sought professional help and went to counseling. It helped me a lot and I help people who are in such a state for 6 years.

      Now I am proud of myself. The program that practiced taught me to recognize and prevent signs that led me to go back to the old life. I do not plan to sleep with anyone for a long time, but if I find someone who will fulfill me and show me true love, why not? Now finally got rid of the addiction, says the testimony of the former nymphomaniac.

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