Crying Reliefs Stress And It Is Important For Maintaining Good Mental Health


     Most of us adults refrain mourn, faced with that cry, especially in public is considered a sign of weakness. Indeed, psychologists say that you are making yourself a good favor if you cry regularly. Stiven Siderof, PhD in clinical psychology at UCLA says, “The thing when you put down your defenses and become vulnerable (and cry) positively affects you … Crying activates body in a healthy way “.

     Various studies show that tears contain high levels of stress hormones, and also affect the regulation of mood. Stress tightens muscles and when you cry this tension is reduced. Crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system and the body returns to a state of balance.

     Japanese believe in the health benefits of crying, and some cities in Japan have so-called “Clubs to cry” whose name is Rui-Katsu (which literally means “looking for tears”), because here people gather to be “shoulder to cry on”. The assumption that crying releases stress and the practice of doing it is important for maintaining good mental health. Crying in groups ensures that it is something that is okay to do. When many people around you do it, it will easily come to your cry as well.

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