Cumin Seed: The Cure For All Ills


      Cumin seed was found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The Egyptians called it “tapnen” Romans “Cuminum” and the ancient Greeks “kyminon”. Caraway seed is growing in Central Europe, northern Asia and Africa.

      As a spice has long conquered the world, but it is well- known as the drug in herbal medicine, primarily as a tool against the formation of gas and bloating. Mainly used in the treatment of various intestinal diseases such as aerophagia and meteorism, but also for the prevention of gas, strengthening the stomach in dyspeptic symptoms.

      Cumin seed helps in the treatment of:

  • Diseases of liver and gall bladder (such as cirrhosis of the liver, weak liver, balancing fats);
  • Kidney problems and bladder such as stone, sand, difficulty with urination, infections with bacteria;
  • Ailments of the respiratory tract, such as susceptibility to infections, colds, influenza, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia , cough, phlegm and catarrh in the lungs;
  • Heart disease – in particular arrhythmia;
  • Eye diseases (strengthening of vision);
  • Diseases of the mouth (rinse infections and bad breath, toothache, gingivitis – inflammation of the gums);
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome because it reduces pain in the wrist, hands;
  • Diseases of the stomach because it cleans the stomach and intestines from catarrh, warms the stomach, removes parasites affect the digestion of food in the stomach, helps with dyspepsia and bad breath, calms cramps, heartburn, gastrointestinal pain;
  • With rheumatism and gout;
  • To strengthen the sperm – spermatograma;
  • Women’s diseases such as menstrual cramps, menstrual cycle regulation, uterine cramps, PMS, labor pains, and contributes to increased secretion of milk in nursing mothers;
  • For concern – anxiety and tension;
  • Due to the fact that the anti-oxidant, caraway medicinal effect is strongly expressed in the prevention of cancer (lutein, carotene, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin ), prevents the harmful effects of free radicals, protects against infection, degenerative neurological disorders and aging  (patch on the skin brown spots on skin, wrinkles);
  • Cumin seed is especially good for women.

      Cumin seed is an herb that strengthens and warms. This medicinal effect could be very useful to anyone because it does not leave any consequences, and its application is simple – is added to dishes as a spice or tea from caraway seeds.

      To strengthen the stomach can be used cumin oil. Plenty of dietary fiber prevents the formation of constipation  and causes faster movement of the contents in the intestines, and dietary fiber are associated with toxins in food, protect the intestinal lining from cancer and reduce LDL cholesterol.

      Oil from caravay seeds in the medicine is used to treat painful places on the body of a local application. The infusion of cumin strengthens the stomach, purifies the intestines and balances intestinal microflora. Cumin has an abundance of minerals (copper, zinc, calcium, potassium , manganese, magnesium, selenium , iron) and vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and B complex vitamins, thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin, niacin).

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