Cure A Soar Throat And Tonsils In Just 5 Hours!


     Our ancestors had a great experience in the treatment of various diseases and knew many useful recipes for treatment. All these people recipes handed down from generation to generation, because what is good and useful – never to be forgotten. In addition, read the recipe to treat inflamed throat and tonsils, reducing sore throat and ensure quick recovery.

     The manner of preparation – It takes 60 grams  caraway seeds, pour 200 ml. water and boil for 15 minutes. You will get a dense elastic mass that looks like coffee grounds. Strain and add another 50 ml. water and again bring to boil. Remove the resulting drink from the fire and add 1 tablespoon cognac or some other liquor.

     How to consume – In the case of infected throat should be consumed one tablespoon every 30 minutes. After 2 hours the sore throat will disappear, and the easier you can swallow. After 4 hours you have completed the treatment. You can drink more in some more pain cases. This drink is recommended for those who are more susceptible to colds and often have a sore throat and tonsils.

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