The Date Is The Best Fruit In The Planet For Our Health


Being an amazing fruit that contains a lot of fiber, the dates are extremely helpful for the digestive tract. They are rich in numerous healthy nutrients and natural sugar that replace the white (unhealthy) sugar and reduce sugar cravings. They act as multivitamins and because of that, they are extremely good and safe for kids as well. The dates can cure cholesterol, anemia, cancer, and etc.


People suffering from anemia need to consume dates in great quantities because they are a rich source of iron. 100 g of dates will provide you with 0.90 g of iron, which is 11% of the daily recommended intake. Iron is only a part of the hemoglobin within the red cells in the blood which is essential for transferring the oxygen in every cell. Pregnant women and teenagers need it the most.


The dates are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin which are great for the eye health. In addition, they soothe the eye macula and retina and improve the eyesight, preventing the macula damage as we age. So, for good sight, consume more dates!


Dates contain calcium that is an essential mineral for proper digestion and for stopping diarrhea. Moreover, dates protect the flora in the gut. If you eat them on a regular basis, you will have good bacteria inside your intestines and belly.


Dates improve digestion and accelerate the elimination of toxins. All you need to do is to put a few dates in a glass of water during the night, in order to release its juices which will act as laxatives. In the States, the dates are put in small bottles (for medicinal purposes) and only 100 g of it contain 8.5 g fiber.


It was proved in a study conducted at the Jordan University of Science and Technology that dates consumption before giving birth is going to reduce bleeding and pain. Women who ate dates gave birth easier than those who didn’t. Moreover, dates helped women to cure the postpartum depression and improved milk lactation for the newborns.


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