9 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body With Lemons ( Recipes Included )


The world we are living in is filled with processed and genetically engineered foods and toxins that are extremely hard to avoid in everyday consumption.

This makes it hard for us not to consume them by mistake, and therefore they easily effect and endanger our overall health and well-being.

However, just as any other harmful effect caused on the body by toxins that nature has a solution for, it has a completely natural solution for cleansing the body from all the toxins as well! In today’s article, we will show you how to a few natural ways to completely detoxify your body by using only lemons!

Packed with tons of nutrients and vitamin C, lemons work wonders when it comes to flushing toxins out of the body. And aside from doing so, they also have tons of health benefits from consuming them as well.

As we mentioned above, they are rich in vitamin C which is essential when it comes to helping the body to release the toxins and chemicals and energize the body and provide strength. Here is how you can include lemons in your daily diet for a healthier everyday life:

  1. Start your day with a lemon smoothie

We all know that the breakfast is considered the most important part of the day since it provides the body with the nutrients, vitamins and the energy needed to start functioning and take on the following day.

Therefore, why not prepare a delicious lemon smoothie made from squeezed lemon juice and lemon wedges in a mixer, and add it to your breakfast. It is guaranteed to keep you energized throughout the whole day!

  1. Combine lemon juice with other fruit juice

Just add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to all of your juices and enjoy the tons of health benefits.

  1. Ginger and Lemon

The Ginger and Lemon mix are one of the strongest detoxification remedies that you can consume. It prevents colds and flu’re during the winter period and it extremely easy to prepare. Mix the fresh juice of 2 lemons and 2 inches of ginger root and drink the mixture.

  1. Lemon-turmeric paste

Mix lemon juice and turmeric powder to create an extremely strong and all-natural paste that will clean toxins from your skin. Just apply the paste on the affected area.

  1. Personal-Favorite: Lemon Water

Fill a glass of water and add a few lemon and cucumber slices. Let the mixture sit so the water can absorb all of the nutrients. Consume this mixture daily to detoxify your body and aid healthy digestion.

  1. Add flavor to everything

Squeeze fresh lemon juice and use the juice to season some of your meals. It will add a specific refreshing aroma and you won’t need that much salt.

  1. Lemon and tea

Squeeze some lemon juice into your tea. It is a golden rule of tea and it is a natural health remedy for everything.

  1. Fancy salad dressings

You can use the lemons to prepare salad dressings really easy! Mix some lemon juice, honey and olive oil and you’re good to go!

  1. Homemade lemon tonic

Lemon tonic is guaranteed to become one of your favorite foods in a short time. Squeeze one lemon in a glass filled with cold water, then add a tbsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar, a tbsp. of honey and a small pinch of pepper. The tonic will boost your energy levels, restore your health to max level and detoxify your body!

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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