Difference Between Having Sex And Making Love


           There are several differences which speak of the difference between sex and making love. Women are the ones who require soft touch and want to make love, while men are more interested in sex. Sometimes people need to feel loved, so instead of sex they desire tenderness and attention in the bedroom. When making love there is always exchange of tenderness and with words that will reassure the partner that he/she is unique and the only one, while during sex partners often use dirty talk. Sex is pure gratification of sexual desires and during making love people want to show one another how much they love each other.

            During the love making, partners are gentle and careful, practice poses that increase intimacy, touch, eye contact, everything is slow, even kisses… they tenderly kiss every revealed part of the skin. Taking the clothes off is done mutually, piece by piece, the partners are concentrated with every sense, inhale slowly and deeply with constant looks, which always guarantees them a great experience, lying next to each other listening to each other’s heartbeats.

            During sex partners fully indulge in enjoying the passion and everything naughty, cruel and rude comes in consideration. In this case there are no restrictions and that is why so many people use props such as handcuffs and leather tools. Things become perfect if they allow to slightly get dirty during the sex, if they delegate to their naughty imagination, they always prove to each other how good they were and that they would even pay to experience it again.

            Making love can be attractive early in the relationship, but over time it will surely come to a lack of passion. Therefore it is best to alternatively make love and have wild sex, to experiment. This way you will be satisfied sexy and desirable to one another.

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