Do You Know Of Which Are Made Gummy Bears?


       One of the children’s favorite candy – gummy bears – are made out of excrement, namely resin secreted by (or poos) little bugs Kerria Lacca. “Shellac”, also known as confectionery glaze, made of a resin secreted by the female beetles, which are native to Thailand and India. The resin is processed into flakes, then dissolved in denatured alcohol as soon as a liquid coating, which is then sprayed on candy, or used as lacquers and furniture! Round and shiny rubber and jelly candies are so delicious, and come in a variety of shapes and flavors! But, do you know that their glowing coat made of excrement bugs Kerria Lacca?

      This coating is also sprayed onto apples in the shops (those that look plastic) to maintain fresh. When  fresh apple is picked from the tree and rub it on the fabric, it will shine due to the natural protective wax which is located in an apple peel. But if such an apple first wash, rubbing will not  produce the same effect of polishing, because water washes away this kind of natural wax. Apples in shops must be washed for sanitary reasons, but are then sprayed with a fine layer of “shellac” in order to restore the luster of natural wax. Without this layer of apples to spoil very quickly!

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