Doctors: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately


Doctors all around the United States of America have vehemently advised all parents to stop feeding their kids with hot dogs.

Since it has been estimated that Americans consume approximately 155 million hot dogs just during the Independence Day alone that is celebrated on the fourth of July, it makes hot dogs a favourite snack for most of the American people.

Research had shown that kids who eat over 12 hot dogs per month are about nine times more susceptible for dealing with leukemia later in their lives.

Other studies have now shown that is pregnant women consume even a single hot dog throughout the week are more likely to give birth to a child, which will most likely develop a brain tumor later in life.

This works both ways as too; because men who consume hot dogs before they impregnate their wives are more likely to shire a child with cancer.

All of the nitrite additives found in the hot dogs is the main culprit to cause this huge problem in both men and women.

Nitrite additives are added to hot dogs as a mean for combating botulism. However, these additives possess very detrimental health implications onto the certain person who is eating the hot dogs.

Once the hot dogs are cooked the nitrates and amines combine. The amines naturally occur in meat, but when they are combined with nitrates then they become highly carcinogenic compounds.

It is highly advisable to stop consuming hot dogs altogether. However, if you think you cannot cope with not eating hot gods you can at least try and drastically limit your consumption of this favorite all American snack.


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