Why Don’t The Amish Get Cancer?


Cancer Causes and Control in one of their recently published study showed surprising information that stunned the population, and that information was that Amish people don’t have even one close encounter with cancer, and because of this and their way of life, they are considered as the healthiest community in the USA.

Scientist and researchers very surprised by the results they got after examining the Amish people if they and how they will reach if they are lacking of conventional treatment and medicine in case of sickens and is it going to rise up the cancer rates among them. The results were amazing because they showed to them that Amish people have extremely low numbers of people suffering cancer. For this reason the researchers decided to inspect in details their eating habits, they lifestyle and way of living in order to get the conclusion why they are almost immune to cancer.

The web page naturalnews.com posted that is uncovering the lifestyle of the Amish people. And viewed from the positive side on their way of living, it turns out that Amish people never drink alcohol, do not smoke, and they keep their sexual life on a very simple level which means no promiscuity. So in reality, living the old fashioned lifestyle is much calmer, healthier and it plays crucial role in low cancer numbers.

Amish people don’t live an easy and lazy life. In their own world everything is done by hand and with primitive tools. Their day to day life is consistent with very hard work either on the fields or working at home. They build their buildings like schools, houses, libraries etc by hand hammer and nails; they plant their own farms and raise their own animals for food and existence. In translation their physical activity is in accordance with their daily life so they have very physically strong bodies, are in perfect shape and have excellent health.

They take care of their house, means taking care of their family, which leads to raising animals at the farms and planting their own fruits and vegetables at the fields. So that is fresh meat when needed, fresh organic produce is the only food eaten, fresh milk and eggs, everything organic. This type of organic home grown food is full with enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Components of food we usually lack of because of all the GMO that we consume on a daily basis.

His simple way of life is bringing only positive thing to their table, including excellent health and stress free life.

In the modern society, the Amish community is often criticized and more than often made fun of because of their lifestyle and way of living. But if taking in consideration how they live and how we live, and compare their life expectancies and quality and our life expectancies and quality, it turns out they live much better than the rest of us, much healthier, much simple and most importantly almost cancer free. And in comparison with the simple Amish life, we are those who make fun of them and this is our day to day life. Sitting in an office cubicle for at least 10 hours a day, breathing polluted air, negative influence by social media and all types of media is a constant thing, junk food is the basic food we eat, fast food, carbonated drinks all of them full of chemicals, GMO that is definitely one of the worst things that a human can eat due to long term side effects, food additives that in order to understand and know what they are you need to be scientist, extremely high consumption of medications even for minor cold, stress on a daily basis either from home, or from work and what not. Better to stop naming all the bad aspects of living the modern day lifestyle because it will take quite some time to name them all.

So, because of few simple examples like food and work, it seams that the simpler the life, the better. The more complex life, the worst are the results, more illnesses and fast inclination of sicknesses and health deterioration.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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