Don’t Pick This “Weed” If It’s Growing In Your Yard – Here’s Why…


People who have garden in their own yard have probably met with some really annoying weeds. There is one particularly that you must not rip off, because although it looks like weed, in fact it’s a plant called purslane. If you wonder why, keep on reading to find out.

More Good Than Harm

Namely, purslane can provide you with some useful health benefits that you can take advantage from. No matter how unbelievably it may sound, purslane is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals which improve your health and general well-being. It even promotes the bone health thanks to its high content of iron and calcium.

Another useful fact about purslane is that this plant can live for a very long time: up to 25 years! The reason for this are its strong seeds.

Moreover, this ‘weed’ contains more vitamin A than any other leafy green veggie, and because of that, it has the capacity to prevent cancer. Thanks to its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, it prevents heart diseases and strokes. On top of everything, it’s GMO-free.

Therefore, the next time you plan to use a weed killer on it, take into consideration these health benefits and include it into your daily diet. Its leaves have lemony taste and a specific crunchy feel. So, you might use it instead of spinach. Or, you can include it sandwiches or salads, for example and enjoy its incredibly high content of protein that will boost your energy levels.

And last but not least, purslane reduces the risk of disorders in the children’s developmental period, such as autism and ADHD.



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