The natures way of telling us that we are entering the old age category is by loosing the pigment in our hair so it becomes gray. Since the first day we notice that big change in our life, we start searching for many products and options to maintain our natural hair color so it wont show signs of aging. (1)

Since always in the written history, facts show that women were more interested and it was more important for them to keep and maintain their natural hair color. But as everything around us changes drastically, that is the case also with the men who like to keep their natural hair color in order to keep their youthful look. In the today’s cosmetics market, we can find hundreds of types and brands of hair coloring products. Unfortunately harsh chemicals are big part of the hair color. If not used properly they can damage your hair, damage your skin, they can cause allergies or cause allergic reaction in the cases when someone is already allergic to some chemicals and can cause the hair to start breaking. As everything nowadays, hair color also might contain some carcinogenic and mutagenic properties. (2)

The numbers of cancer patients is growing up every single day. A recent research is bringing the following result – 87 breast cancer patients out of 100 dyed their color long term before receiving the bad news that they are now one of many with that illness. Can you imagine that hair colors like hair dyes actually contain over 5.000 ( FIVETHOUSAND ) chemicals and most of them, are having carcinogenic properties, says the National Cancer Institute. (3)

Coloring your hair so you can bring back your natural hair color, or just to simply change your appearance is popular since forever. It is true that in ancient times women used hair dyes as well, but not like the today’s dyes. Back in the day they were all natural, organic herbal natural ingredients that are still available today. Henna, turmeric, senna, indigo are some of many, that are giving even better results of chemicals and they are safe and even beneficial for your skin, body scalp and the hair itself. (4)

Ingredients needed:

– 1 tablespoon of black tea

– 2 cups of water (distilled)

– 8 Cloves

– One third of a cup of walnut shells

Method of preparation:

– Boil the water in a pot that is not made of alluminium.

– Add all the abovementioned ingredients into the water.

– Let the mixture simmer for about 20 minutes before you turn the heat off.

– Remove the pot you are using and let the mixture cool down.

– Apply the resulting mixture onto your hair just as you are finished washing it. Then, let the mixture completely dry onto your hair.

– You should repeat this procedure after every hair wash, until you get the desired hair color.


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