Can You Recognize Which Egg Comes From A Healthy Chicken?


For millions of people, eggs are one of the most important and often eaten food especially in the morning and not only because they are tasty, but also because they are packed with proteins and vitamins. Since people are aware of the benefits of consuming eggs, they start the day with couple of egg to give them the energy boost.

The most common place to get eggs is of course the supermarket, where almost everyone is getting their food there. It is very convenient, but the issue is that the customers do not know the origin of the eggs, meaning if they come from a healthy chicken. Healthy chicken that lay eggs are very rare to find in the US, and that is very disturbing.

The packaging of the eggs sold in the supermarkets across the country has all the information they think you need to know about the origin of the egg. The dates, nutrition facts, are the eggs organic what is the company or the supplier, but it never says on the label what they are feeding the chickens with. That information is actually very important simply because no matter if the chicken is organic, if the food given to them is not organic or healthy that means the eggs are not as well. In this notion, healthy chicken lays healthy eggs, and unhealthy chicken lay unhealthy eggs, very simple.

Here are some facts that all of you need to know in order to recognize if you are consuming healthy eggs.

  1. Chickens are omnivores which mean they are not vegetarian. So next time when you get eggs from the supermarket labeled “vegetarian” just remember that there is no such thing as vegetarian chicken, so those eggs must contain something suspicious.
  2. Omega- 3 acids is commonly known that are very healthy for consuming, and eggs rich in Omega-3 are those that have very strong yellow almost orange colored yolk. If the yolk is pale yellow almost like buttery yellow, you should know that those eggs are not the best ones for you.
  3. The nutrition of the chickens is also very important in order to produce eggs with high nutrition value. If they have a lot of insects, a lot of vegetables and natural food they will make eggs with very hard shell, almost brown in color and resistant to breaking. And no matter what the type and breed of the chicken, if not feed with quality food, even the highest ranked of chicken breeds will produce low quality eggs.
  4. Xanthophylls pigment is very easy to recognize in eggs if you know how to find it. Dark colored yolk, strong yellow almost orange one is the best indicator if the egg is rich in pigment. Food that provides this pigment in eggs is green plants, yellow corn, alfalfa and many others types of food of this family.
  5. If weight control is part of the planned feeding process of the chickens, they will produce light yellow yolks, especially if the food is based on wheat. White cornmeal dieted chickens will produce eggs with yolks almost dry. So it makes sense when free range chicken are considered to have the highest quality eggs, those with hard dark shell and dark yellow/orange yolk, because they eat what they will find on the ground like different insects, worms, seeds and plants.

In conclusion, there is nothing like eating healthy and good tasting eggs. Search your area and find only the best eggs to consume. Consult with locals if you are new in town to guide you to agriculturist who is producing their own organic food and eggs. It is guaranteed that not only they will taste better, but there won’t be any health risks for you in the future. This should be applied, if possible to consume only organic foods.


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